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Want a photo collage?

You've come to the right place

From €4.95

With Modulari's photo collage you can make your dream design. Stands out in any space. Fits perfectly with your interior. Our photo tiles are modulair and can be palced with our unique magnetic system. Add another tile. Exchange an existing tile. The sky's the limit. Modulari, grows with you.

Choose your shape

A photo collage in many shapes and sizes.

Creating your design is a piece of cake. Have a look around, all Modulari photo collages are available in Hexagon, Circle and Square and five different sizes.

Will they be large hexagons, playful circles or something in between? Piece by piece, it fits right on your photo wall

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Creative Mix

Style your story with different types of panels. Mix personal photos with inspiring quotes, trendy colors or a luxurious glistening mirror.

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Unforgettable memories on your photo wall.

The fun holiday in Spain, your daughters graduation, Grandma's birthday, put it together in your photo collage. Our modular wall decoration enables you to add as many photo tiles as you like.

Crystal clear print


Wheter your photo collage is the prime piece of your living room, a decoration of your home office, or place in a lang hall, the quality stands out. Our printers are the cream of the crop en print in Museum Quality. Details are visible and colors are vivid. Dream on staring at your photo collage.

The right size for your photo collage

From €4.95

Square, circle or hexagon: choose your shape with Modulari's wall decoration. Every shape is available in five sizes. Choose the layout that best suits your interior and make a display of your best memories.

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Clever hanging by magnets

With every order you will receive our free magnetic suspension system, tape and mounting jigs.

Drilling is a thing of the past with our free magnetic suspension system

Smooth, wallpaper or texture. Everything is possible. Suitable for almost any surface.

Straight as an arrow thanks to our spacers.


How do I make a photocollage?
In our user-friendly design studio you can design your product completely according to your wishes. You choose the number of wall elements, the size you want and then you choose the material. Now it's just a matter of adding your own photos or use a beautiful image, color or quote from our image bank. Et voilà, your unique creation is born!
On which surface can I hang my photo collage?
Our adhesive strips are suitable for both smooth walls, and walls with structure. Think of stucco, plaster and wallpaper.
What materials are your products made of?
You can choose from three types of materials; forex, aluminum or plexiglass. Check out the full product descriptions at the bottom of the product page.
What's the difference between the materials?
The materials differ in look and thickness:
  • Forex is matte with a basic look and is 5 mm thick.
  • Aluminum is matte with a tough look and is 3 mm thick.
  • Plexiglas is glossy with a luxurious look and is 5mm thick.
Check out the full explanation of the materials at the bottom of the product page.
Choose your shape