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Frequently asked questions


What material are your products made of?

You can choose from three types of materials; forex, aluminum or plexiglass. View the full product descriptions at the bottom of the product page.

What is the difference between the materials?

The materials differ in thickness and appearance:
*) Forex is matte with a basic appearance and is 5 mm thick.
*) Aluminum is matte with a tough look and is 3 mm thick.
*) Plexiglas is glossy with a luxurious appearance and is 5 mm thick.
View the full explanation of the materials at the bottom of the product page.

What are the sizes that come with the hexagons?

You can read the measurements that you see as follows:
*) XS 18 cm wide and 16 cm high
*) S 23 cm wide and 20 cm high
*) M 28 cm wide and 24 cm high
*) L 33 cm wide and 29 cm high
*) XL 38 cm wide and 33 cm high

What is the total size of my wall elements together?

When you have selected the number and size, you will see the end format (the total size of the current format).

Is the mounting system included?

Yes, everything needed to hang your wall decoration is included with your order.

Can I order additional magnets?

Yes, it is possible to order additional magnets. Send an email to [email protected]

Can I order adhesive strips again?

Yes, it is possible to order additional adhesive strips. Send an email to [email protected]

Can I also purchase a gift voucher from you?

Yes, that's possible. You can select a gift voucher for any amount on our website. You have two choices; a digital gift voucher or one that we send by mail. After payment, we will send the digital receipt within 1 working day. We send the gift voucher by post within 2 working days after payment.

For what amount can I buy a gift voucher?

You can buy a gift voucher for any amount.

How can I redeem the gift voucher?

You can enter the discount code in your shopping cart in the white field that is mentioned on your gift voucher. This amount is immediately deducted from your total purchase amount.

How long is the gift voucher valid for?

The gift voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.


How do I make a design?

In our user-friendly design studio, you can design your product entirely to your liking. You choose the number of wall elements, the size you want and then you choose the material. Now it's just a matter of adding your own photos or use a nice image, color or quote from our image bank. Et voilà, your unique creation has come about!

How do I spread a photo over multiple elements?

In our design studio you will find a "change" button at the top center of the screen. When you click on it, you will find the "fill" option at the top. Here you select the option: "one photo".

I find it difficult to make a beautiful design myself, can you help with this?

We are happy to help you. That is why the stylists from Modulari have already created a number of inspiration designs for you that you can customize with your own photos. You can find these designs on our inspiration page .

Which size should I choose?

The choice of the size of the elements depends on the wall where you want to hang it. When you have selected the number of elements and the size you will see the final format (the total size of the current format), which can help with your choice. In addition, we have a very handy tool on our site with which you can see your design on your own wall. Upload a photo of your wall and you will immediately see how your wall decoration looks. Would you like to discuss your choice of size? Our interior stylist is happy to help you.

I have a question about my design with regard to my interior

When you have a specific question about creating your design; think of combining colors, design or your interior? Then contact us. Our stylist is happy to help you.

Can I see the design in my own interior?

That is possible! We have a very handy tool in our design studio with which you can see your design on your wall. Upload a photo of your wall and you will immediately see how your wall decoration looks in your interior.

Can I later expand my collage?

Our wall elements are very suitable for expansion. This way your collage grows with you.

Quality images

The photos that I upload in my design turn red, what does that mean?

When your photos turn red, it means that they are of too low a quality. To ensure that your print will look great, we will warn you this way when it is likely to be out of focus. You can pay attention to a number of points to improve the quality of your photos.
*) Your photo has been edited with an app: Often these apps reduce your photo, so the quality is lower than the original. Try the original photo i.c.m. our filters.
*) You received your photo via Whatapp: Whatsapp reduces your photos, making them often no longer usable for printing. Ask the maker to send the photos by mail in the highest resolution.
*) Your photo is from Instagram / Facebook: Find the original photo from your mobile. Tablet or desktop and upload it in our studio. Instagram and Facebook can reduce your photos.
*) Your photo comes from a photographer: By default, photographers do not send the highest quality photos. Ask your photographer to send the photos in the highest resolution.
*) Your photo has a high resolution: Contact us via live chat or send your photo to [email protected]. We can see why it doesn't work for you.

Can I use photos from my phone

Usually photos are made with a modern smartphone of good quality.

Can I improve the quality of a photo?

If your photo has been edited via an app, or has been received via an app, you may want to use the original photo. The original photo cannot be increased in the quality at which it was shot.


How can I order?

Once you have designed your wall decoration in our design studio, it will automatically be placed in your shopping cart. At the top right of the screen, you will see an "order" button with the price immediately. When you click on it you can continue to pay.

I have not received an order confirmation / invoice. What now?

First check your unwanted email and search for Modulari. It may be that our order confirmation has ended up there. If that is not the case, please contact us via [email protected]. Then we will check the status of your order.

Can I order adhesive strips again?

Yes, it is possible to order additional adhesive strips. Send an email to [email protected]

Can I also order from you as a business customer

As a business customer, it is possible to place an order. The VAT is stated on the invoice.

Prices and payment

What are the prices?

The prices depend on a number of choices you make; the product, size and material. Based on this, we automatically calculate a price for you.

How do I enter a discount code?

You can enter the discount code in your shopping cart in the white field. The discount is immediately deducted from your total purchase amount.

I have a giftcard code and a discount code. Can I only enter 1 code at the same time/per order?

Correct. You can enter only 1 code per order. Do you have both codes? Please contact us. We merge the voucher and the discount code for you into 1 code.

Can I also pay afterwards

It is possible to pay afterwards. For this you select the option "Klarna" in the payment method.

How can I pay?

You can pay with Ideal, Credit card, Paypal or Klarna. At the end of the ordering process you can make a choice for this.

Will I receive an invoice?

Once you have completed your order, you will receive an order confirmation, which will also serve as an invoice.


What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are € 4.95. As soon as we have sent the order you will receive a Track & Trace code with which you can track your order. From € 75, - the shipping costs are free.

Which package service do you work with?

We work together with PostNL. They will deliver your order to you.

How fast will my package be sent?

Your package is ready to ship within 3 to 4 business days after your order.


What is the delivery time?

Once you have placed your order, we will start immediately. Your wall decoration will be sent within 3 to 4 business days.

Can I have my order delivered to a different address?

That is possible, in the ordering process you can specify a different address at the delivery address than the billing address. Your order will then be delivered to the desired address.

Assembly and disassembly

How do I hang my wall decoration?

Drilling is a thing of the past because you can hang our wall elements and change them easily with our magnetic suspension system in combination with adhesive strips. In addition, we also provide handy mounting jigs to get your design taut on the wall at equal intervals.

Where can I find the assembly instructions?

With your order you will receive a paper assembly instruction.

Where can I find the dismantling instruction?

With your order you will receive a paper (dis-)assembly instruction.

On which surface can I hang my wall decoration?

Our adhesive strips are suitable for both smooth walls and textured walls. Think of stucco, spachtelputz and wallpaper.

How can I be sure that the adhesive strips adhere well / will not leave any damage to my wall?

First of all, we recommend applying the extra Powerstrip to a non-visible part of the wall. Leave it there for at least fifteen minutes, then remove the Powerstrip. This is to make sure the strip does not come off too easily and that if this happens it does without damaging the wall. A Powerstrip only sticks to a clean and solid/non-porous surface. If the powerstrip doesn’t stick well, please contact us and we will look for a suitable solution.

How do I remove the adhesive strip?

The (dis-)assembly instruction describes how to remove the adhesive strip.

Cancel and return

Can I cancel my order?

You cannot cancel your order once it has been placed. Once the order has been placed, we will immediately start making your personal wall decoration.

Can I return my product?

Unfortunately it is not possible to return your product. Your wall decoration is unique and completely personalized to your own wish. It is therefore not possible to return your product.


What should I do if I receive a damaged product or I am not satisfied?

There is a card in your package that says what you can do in that case. Please contact us directly via [email protected] and clearly describe what is wrong with your product. In addition, we would like to receive photos of the packaging and of your damaged product so that we can properly assess it. You can report complaints to us up to 1 month after receipt.

Until when can I report if I am not satisfied?

Always check your order immediately upon receipt. If something is not entirely satisfactory then we would like to hear this asap, but no later than 1 month after receipt.

Despite following your instruction, my collage is falling off the wall, what should I do?

In some cases, the strips may not adhere directly to the wall. If that is the case with you, we would like to hear from you and look for a good solution.

What does the "100% satisfaction guarantee" mean?

Our quality guarantee means that we only want to provide you with a top-quality product. Should it happen that your product is damaged? Then this is very annoying and we will do everything to solve it.

Do you work with a customer review system?

We work together with Google Customer Reviews. We really appreciate it if you leave a review after receiving your order. In addition, we raffle a shop credit of € 75 each month under the reviews


How do I clean my product?

Our forex products are best kept clean with a dry clean cloth. Preferably use terry cloth for cleaning. With a microfiber cloth, you can dry the plate, this cloth is also the most suitable for dusting the plate. Plexiglass cleaning is best done with a little soapy water and a soft microfiber cloth. We advise against cleaning agents such as spirits and glass cleaners (Glassex), because these do not dissolve solid dirt particles (such as sand and dust). These are swept over the surface when the cloth moves back and forth, causing scratches. Always use a generous amount of water with a drop of detergent, this will thoroughly wash away the solid dirt. The fine fibers of a microfiber cloth also hold the dirt particles well. Rinse the cloth regularly. The use of chemical cleaning agents such as benzene, thinner or acetone is out of the question. These soften the surface and leave an (irreversible) haze on the plexiglass.


Do you collaborate with photographers / resellers?

We do indeed have collaborations with photographers who are reselling our products and are always open to fun, inspiring and enthusiastic new collaborations. Interested? Send an email to [email protected]. Then we will contact you as soon as possible about the possibilities.

Do you collaborate with influencers?

We regularly collaborate with influencers. Are you enthusiastic about our product and would you like to work together? Send an email to [email protected] with your idea! Then we will contact you as soon as possible about the possibilities.